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SEND knows transportation

Put decades of logistics expertise, relationship-focused service and modern tech to work for your company.


What is SEND’s secret sauce?

A white-glove approach to customer service combined with tons of experience and a dedicated carrier fleet.

Gps load tracking

SEND Transportation, Inc. has partnered with Turvo as our TMS and their Driver App, a leading GPS app that connects directly to our TMS. You will always know where your freight is.

fda-trained dispatch

100% of our staff earned their Food Safety Carriers Awareness certificate.

Knowledgeable staff

With over 80 years of combined experience, our staff has seen it all and can solve it all.

Experienced carriers

SEND has high industry standards for carrier on-boarding. The majority of SEND’s fleet has been shipping with SEND for over 10 years.

We know food

There’s nothing more stressful than a spoiled load of food—at least that’s what we hear. Thanks to our training, experience and attention to detail, we’ve never had a single spoilage incident.

We know shrubs

We keep plants alive in our office and on the road. SEND transports more than 800,000 cubic feet of nursery stock each year.

Build your trucking business with SEND

Great drivers make our company great. That’s why we treat them well.

Free 24-hour invoice payments

In partnership with TriumphPay, SEND pays all of its direct freight bills in 24 hours.

Preferred jobs

With over 2000 loads shipping a month, you are guaranteed to find the load you are looking for.

Professional dispatchers

Our dispatchers love our drivers, and our drivers love our dispatchers.

Want to talk?

We know lots of other things. Trivia facts. Hot dog recipes. Not to mention, we transport all kinds of freight. Can we move your stuff? Probably.