SEND knows the nerdy stuff

We’re a data-driven organization that still values personal interaction—so you get the best of both.

More visibility, better decisions

Gps load tracking

SEND Transportation has partnered with Trucker Tools, a leading GPS app that connects directly to our TMS. You will always know where your freight is.

digital orders via edi & Email

We are here to help you fill your orders. Whether that is by EDI or Email, we can help.

Live weather tracking

The Trucker Tools Apps provides live weather updates and traffic alerts.

Carrier 411

By partnering with Carrier 411 and ITSOnboarding we maintain high industry standards for our carriers.

A top-tier TMS


We’ve partnered with MercuryGate, a leading TMS provider, so that we can optimize our operations and provide you with the most up-to-date data available.


As a Trucker Tools partner, we offer our drivers real-time information regarding load status and availability.