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Yep, we’re different–in a good way

We were tired of the status quo

So we started asking some tough questions: What if we stopped the internal competition? What if we collaborated with our employees, customers, and carriers so that everyone was successful?

SEND turned out to be the answer to all of those. Since 2013, we’ve spent every minute providing excellent service and building real relationships with our customers and carriers.

It was a simple approach that’s yielded some awesome results. We’re proud to say that we now have a loyal base of quality customers, many of which have grown their company with SEND. We’ve also built a dedicated fleet of some of the most reliable, experienced drivers in the industry.

Today we offer logistic services to customers in the lower 48 states and Canada. We serve the largest nursery and food distributors in the region and nation. And the collaboration we envisioned so long ago? It’s the very thing that makes us different, and makes SEND great.

Meet the SEND team


Carrier Support Representative


Logistics Coordinators


Technology Intern


Director of Finance 


Carrier Experience Specialist


Lead Logistics Coordinator


Director of Operations


AP/AR Lead


Customer Experience Specialist


Customer Development Specialist


Lead Carrier Support Representative


Carrier Support Representative


Carrier Coach


Technology Coach


Logistics Coordinator


Carrier Support Representative


Chairman • Co-Founder


President & Co-Founder


Carrier Experience Specialist


Logistics Coordinator


Carrier Experience Specialist

Proudly employee-owned

In 2017, we became employee-owned via the completion of an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The driver of SEND’s success has always been its dedicated employees. And the best way to recognize their value was to give them ownership of the company they contribute to on a daily basis.

The culture here continues to evolve. But whether we’re having a burger-making competition, welcoming a new carrier, or working together to help a customer, our commitment to the SEND community remains at our core.

“SEND’s guiding principle has always been to treat each other, our carriers and our customers with equanimity. If we do this each and every day SEND will naturally be successful,” says Nate Smith, CEO and co-founder of SEND.

Community Outreach

SEND Transportation, Inc. cares about the wellness of our community and supports activities that bring the community together.

Want to talk?

We know lots of other things. Trivia facts. Hot dog recipes. Not to mention, we transport all kinds of freight. Can we move your stuff? Probably.